Entering through portals in a screen fence or a hedge can reveal a private courtyard retreat decorated with sculpture, pots, paving and plants to capture an "Asian Flare." Water, in a simple fountain or a more elaborate pond, is also an important element to incorporate, which brings a garden space to life; with light, sound and wildlife. In addition, french doors are a wonderful addition to create a "Garden Pavilion" out of any home; creating stress free relaxing views, as well as a connection to the garden.


A Modest addition of unit pavers, a trellis screen for architectural character and plantings transform a driveway, entry or patio into an inviting courtyard.

Northwest Contemporary

Contemporary landscape architectural details, complement the character of the house, as well as create functional and appealing outdoor spaces. Drainage problems can create water feature opportunities and driveways can be an opportunity to for an inviting entry courtyard.


Dramatic garden-make-overs to traditional homes are achieved by using historic architectural detail and materials to integrate the home and garden seamlessly, without appearing like a contemporary add on. Striking curb appeal is achieved with entry walls, hedges, lush plantings and paving, which carefully reflects the home's character, while at the same time creating gracious, welcoming and comfortable entries and inviting garden rooms off living and dining rooms as well.

Other Projects: Commercial, Public