Cross Valley Water District

Cross Valley Water District developed a demonstration campus by using eco-friendly site design. Emphasizing the inter-connectedness of "Soils and Salmon", harvested runoff from a spring feeds a dramatic water feature with a re-circulating stream and pond, representing the resource they manage.

Highline Water District

The landscape theme dramatically pierces the office environment, bringing the outside in, for a stress free and relaxing work environment with an interior courtyard garden, featuring a stone water feature, using harvested rainwater from the roof.

Silver Lake Water District

The administration building entry features a dramatic storm water management system with a re-circulating stream and pond water feature. Rainfall is celebrated as it flows over a "Stone Water Wall" adorned with sculptural salmon, symbolizing their inter-connectedness with soil and water. Pervious paving, rain garden drainage swales and native water wise planting showcase "Green Infrastructure" in addition to a demonstration garden for field seminars.

Other Projects: Commercial, Residential